№ АР08053283- The evolution of ecodesign in traditional and contemporary national art in art education.

The main idea of the research project is to identify the evolution of ecodesign in the modern direction of traditional national art, as well as the concept of ecodesign that originated in national art (craftsmen, craftsmen, needlework, jewelers and so on); introduction of accessible technologies and smart methods of modern teaching of domestic art in art education.

The purpose of the project– Presentation of the concept of the evolution of ecodesign in art education, traditional national art, the scientific foundations of modern national art, as well as the introduction of a XXIst century production-oriented laboratory and smart methodology into the updated system of art education.

In this regard, in the process of technological development, the production of natural materials is important in any industry. In the field of art education, highly skilled craftsmen who use natural materials in the manufacture of decorative products are highly regarded. It is obvious that all ancient, traditional objects made by national masters, artisans and jewelers in Kazakh decorative crafts were made from natural colors, cotton, wool, wood, metal, and ceramics. In general, it can be said that the modern evolution of ecodesign originates from nature, and as a result of technological development, such a thing as eco-designappeared.

Expected results:

1.Implementation of publications in foreign peer-reviewed scientific journals with a non-zero impact factor, Russian peer-reviewed journals (RSCI); journals KKSON MES RK, publications in foreign publishing houses included in the Scopus database, Web of Science. The results of scientific research carried out within the framework of the project are supposed to be published in the following journals: Bulletin of Pavlodar State University, Bulletin of Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University, Bulletin of L.N. Gumilyov, Electronic scientific and methodological journal “Science and Education: New Time”, Bulletin of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Bulletin of the Tajik Pedagogical Institute in the city of Penjikent, Innovation and Global Issues. In Multi disciplinary Sciences V of Akdeniz University.

  1. To shoot a video to raise the status of schools of modern national schools of art, as well as the work of folk craftsmen, and about their biography.
  2. Development of smart methodological recommendations for the updated content of education in art education, teaching traditional and modern national art.
  3. Opening of a special workshop or laboratory for teaching traditional and modern national art.
  4. Approbation of the quality and demand of applied art products made by smart methods in the laboratory of art education, participation in creative exhibitions, competitions.
  5. Obtaining a patent for the manufacture of products of contemporary national art; production of an album-catalog from approved products of contemporary national art; publication of the collective monograph “The Evolution of Ecodesign in Contemporary National Art and National Traditional Art in Art.


Interim results for 2020:

The research results were reflected in the following publications:


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Interim results for the first half of 2021:

1.       Examination of the researches on the use of technology by fine arts teachers Rakhat, B., Kuralay, B., Akmaral, S., Zhanar, N., Miyat, D.  World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issuesthis link is disabled, 2021, 13(1), стр. 68–81
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List of exhibitions attended by members of the project:

  1. Akdeniz üniversitesi, güzel sanatlar fakültesi geleneksel türk sanatlari bölümü 10. yil kültür sanat etkinlikleri. ifarts.org
  2. “ANATOLIA II. “International Invited Online Exhibition 22 March-05 April 2021. https://www.elsanatlaridernegi.com/Anadolu-2-Sergisi/index2.html



Research group:

1.Smanova Akmaral Smailovna – project manager, candidate of pedagogical sciences,Associate Professor


2.Bekbolatova Kuralay Maratovna– PhD, Phd., SeniorLecturer


Scopus Author ID: 57204430679

3.Nebessayeva Zhanar Orynbekovna– Phd., SeniorLecturer


  1. Zhirenov Sayan Amanzholuly– Candidate of Philology, associate professor

5.Alzhanov Gadilbek Muratalievich – Doctoral student


  1. Ermaganbetova Akmaral Muratalievna – training master
  2. Ramazan Erdem(Turkey, Antalya) – Phd., Associate Professor