IRN №АР08957195 «New technologies and approaches in the process of chemistry training»

Therefore, the main idea of ​​the project is to solve these problems that currently exist with the scientific, practical and methodical use of the periodic table.

In addition, the organization of educational and methodological training will be required for the developed proposals of students in secondary schools, colleges and universities.


Objective of the project

Purpose – give new explanations: new formula for calculating electrons on outer electronic layers atoms chemical elements and their corresponding periods table Mendeleev; emergence new quantum states in electron shells of atomic elements; conclusion new equation for counting electrons on outer electronic layers of atoms chemical elements;


    Expected Results


– Get further development of scientific and theoretical analysis and discussion and methodological description and teaching the basics of the periodic table

– Get your theoretical and practical justification for an alternative view of the structure of periods of the periodic table

– A new equation and a description of the quantum state “first, second” carried out in (1) will be drawn.

– A comparison will be made of the chemical properties of the elements under the conditions of using an alternative variant of the periodic table

– The obtained results will enable students, teachers and researchers working in the field of chemistry to compare old views with new alternative approaches to the description and teaching of the basic law of chemistry.

The results of a study of at least one article or review will be published, published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication included in the first, second, third and fourth quartiles in the Web of Science database or having a CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database of at least 35, as well as at least one article or review in a peer-reviewed domestic publication with a non-zero impact factor recommended by CCSES MES RK. The results of the work will be presented in the form of standard and standard training programs in chemistry. The results of the work will be presented at international and national conferences, symposia and congresses.


Research group:

  1. Ilyassova Gulzhakhan PhD, Project Manager, Chief Researcher

  1. Akhmetov Nurlan Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher

Yelikbaeva Moldir , PhD student, Researcher