IRN AP08857194 “Visual anthropology and the history of images of Kazakhstan culture in XIX – XXI centuries: evolution and gaining of agency”

The main idea of the project is transdisciplinary study of visual culture of Kazakhstan of the end of XIX – beginning. 21st century. The results of the research will contribute to the formation of an innovative base of historical and cultural knowledge and the modernization of historical consciousness.

While visual material has been used more frequently in historical studies as illustrative material, this type of source has a significant heuristic potential for historical research, especially in the new and emerging time, in the context of the expansion of modes of communication and the preservation of visual information and the evolution of forms of visual coding of identity.

The goal of the project is historical-anthropological study of visual narratives and the practice of gaining subjectivity on the visual sources of Kazakh culture of the end of the 19 – beginning 21st century in the context of challenges of modernizing historical consciousness.

1)Publication of research results in foreign rating journals included in the Scopus database and having a CiteScore percentile of at least 35 (thirty-five) (2 articles);

2) Monograph «Visual Anthropology of the New Social History of Kazakhstan XIX – Beginning. xx century.» 15 p.m.;

3) Manual «Visual anthropology of images of Kazakh culture XX-XIX centuries.» 6 p.p.;

4) Scientific publications in Kazakh scientific publications of CCSON (12) and in collections of materials of international conferences (2);

5) Publication of scientific results in publications within the RINC database (2);

6) Establishment of the Visual Anthropology Laboratory at the KazNPU named after Abay. At this stage will make it possible to modernize the conceptual structure of historical education (based on the results of research) and, in the future, to carry out independent basic and applied research, organize international conferences and round tables, Seminars, trainings on modernization of historical consciousness, scientific internships, etc. Promoting the integration of science and education;

7)Organization and holding of the international conference «Visual Anthropology in Historical Research: Science and Media Space»;

8) Updating of the acquired historical-anthropological knowledge in video lectures in the context of «Ruhani Zhangyru» ideas – formation of tolerant, multicultural and highly-intellectual society.

Interim results for 2020:

The research results were reflected in the following publications:

  1. Dalayeva T.T. Osobennosti i soderzhaniye kommunikativnoy pamyati zhiteley Kentau i Ashchysay v nachale XXI veka (Features and content of the communicative memory of residents of Kentau and Ashchysai at the beginning of the XXI century) // Bulletin of Abai KazNPU Series “Historical and socio-political sciences”.  -2020. – № 3 (66). – P.177-183. (the journal CCSES (Committee for Control in the Sphere of Education and Science) (in Russian)
  2. Krupko I.V. Istoricheskaya pamyat’ Almaty: urbanisticheskiye syuzhety (Historical memory of Almaty: urban subjects) // Bulletin of Abai KazNPU Series “Historical and socio-political sciences”. – 2020. – № 3 (66). – P. 391-398. (co-authored by Yespolova E.M.) (the journal CCSES (Committee for Control in the Sphere of Education and Science) (in Russian)
  3. Sultangalieva G.S. Kazakhskiye studenty Kazanskogo universiteta vtoroy poloviny XIX v.: lichnyye dela kak istoricheskiy istochnik (po materialam fondov Gosudarstvennogo arkhiva Respubliki Tatarstan) (Kazakh students of Kazan University in the second half of the 19th century: personal files as a historical source (based on the materials of the State Archives of the Republic of Tatarstan) // Shygys. – 2020. – № 4. – P.27-35. (in Russian)
  4. Krupko I.V. Abai: poetika individual’nogo (Abai: poetics of the individual) // «BILGAMESH» International Almanac of Cultural and Social Studies. – 2020. -№ 3. – P. 79-87. (in Russian)


Interim results for the first half of 2021:

The results of scientific research were reflected in the journals CCSES (Committee for Control in the Sphere of Education and Science):

1) Abylkhozhin ZH.B., Krupko I.V. Alma-Ata: nekotoryye arkhitekturnyye narrativy sovetskogo goroda (Alma-Ata: some architectural narratives of the Soviet city) // “BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Historical sciences. Philosophy. Religion Series” – 2021. – № 1(134). – P. 10-21. (in Russian) DOI:

2) Amanzholova D.A. Sovetskoye natsiyestroitel’stvo: organizatsionnyye praktiki i problemy federalizma. 1920-ye gg. (Soviet nation-building: organizational practices and problems of federalism. 1920s) // “BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Historical sciences. Philosophy. Religion Series” – 2021. – № 1(134). – P.22-35. (in Russian) DOI:

3) Sultangalieva G.S. Transformation of social life in Kazakh steppe: case of dynasty Berkimbaevs (XIX c.)  // Bulletin of Karaganda University. Series “History. Philosophy”. – 2021.- № 1(101). P. 76-81. (in English) DOI 10.31489/2021HPh1/76-81


The results of scientific research were reflected in Kazakhstani and foreign scientific publications and conferences:

1) Amanzholova D.A. «Ideologicheskaya storona ne dolzhna stradat’». Ob instrumentakh vizualizatsii sovetskoy natsional’noy politiki // «Rossiyskiye regiony: vzglyad v budushcheye» (“The ideological side must not suffer.” On the visualization tools of the Soviet nationality policy) // “Russian regions: a look into the future.” – 2021. – Issue No. 1 (volume 8), March, 2021.- P. 16-43. (Russian National Citation Index) (in Russian)

2) Kalïyeva B.T. B. “Memory studies” adisnaması arqılı tarïhï bilim beru (Historical education through the methodology “Memory studies”) // Qazaq tarïhı. – 2021. – № 2 (191). – P. 84-88. (in Kazakh)

3) Krupko I.V. Rifmy mira Olzhasa Suleymenova (The rhymes of the world by Olzhas Suleimenov) // Proceedings of the international scientific conference dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Olzhas Suleimenov on the theme: «We roam towards ourselves, recognizing ourselves in the other: Olzhas and the rapprochement of cultures» – Almaty, 2021. – 170 p. – P.44-53. (in Russian)

Participation in the international scientific and practical conference:

  • Dalayeva T.T. Representation and visualization of the everyday life of the traditional Kazakh society of the XIX – early XX centuries: research and teaching strategies // report on March 23, 2021 at the International scientific-practical conference with elements of the scientific school “Historical science and education in the XXI century”, Novosibirsk, RF, March 23-27, 2021. (in Russian)


Research group:

  1. Dalayeva Tenlik, PhD in History, Associate Professor, Project Manager, Chief Researcher

Scopus Author ID: 57200336223

Web of Science Researcher ID AAQ-9900-2020

  1. Sultangalieva Gulmira, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher

Researcher ID: N-7259-2014

Scopus Author ID: 56082407700

Web of Science Researcher ID AAQ-7142-2020

  1. Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher;-8&doclist_pos=0

  1. Amanzholova Dina, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher

SCOPUS (ORCID) 26033832300

Web of Science Researcher ID D-3100-2013

  1. Assymova Dariya, PhD, Leading Researcher

  1. Krupko Igor, PhD student, Researcher

  1. Kaliyeva Bekzat, PhD student, Researcher
  2. Ospanova Rysgul, PhD in History, Associate Professor, Leading Researcher