IRN № AP09561457 Recommendations and proposals aimed at achieving gender equality: a study of labor and social security legislation in Kazakhstan

Call for grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023. The name of the priority direction of the development of science for which the application is submitted: Research in the field of social sciences and humanities. The name of the specialized scientific direction for which the application is submitted, type of research: Fundamental, applied, interdisciplinary research in the field of social sciences: Research of topical problems of legal and political support for sustainable development of the state, society, economy.


Relevance of the topic. The elimination of discriminatory laws, social norms, and practices should be a common interdisciplinary research issue. This project is aimed at forming recommendations that are going to contribute to social transformation, the development of social and labor legislation from the perspective of achieving gender parity. The choice of the research direction is due to the insufficient attention of the legal science of Kazakhstan to the problems of regulation of equality. The project is going to analyzing labor and social legislation from the perspective of regulating gender equality, which is going to consist of several assessments: implementation of the principle of non-discrimination in labor and social legislation; fulfillment by Kazakhstan of international obligations; opportunities for the implementation of advanced international standards that ensure gender parity.

The goal of project.

 The purpose of the project is to form, disseminate, and prepare for implementation of specific proposals, recommendations for improving the current legislation, mechanisms for ensuring guarantees of the principle of non-discrimination in the social and labor sphere.

The results of project will be:

The forms of implementation of the project results will be:

1) at least 2 (two) articles published, accepted for publication or submitted to peer-reviewed scientific publications included in the Social Science Citation Index or Arts and Humanities Citation Index of the Web of Science database and (or) having a CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database less than 25 (twenty five).

2) Independent forms of project results will be:

development of a draft normative legal act with a package of accompanying documents (explanatory note, concept) on improving guarantees against discrimination in the sphere of employment and social security;

registration and receipt of a Certificate of registration in the state register of rights to objects protected by copyright;

3) The dissemination of the results of work among potential users, the community of scientists and the general public is ensured by the publication of the results in peer-reviewed scientific sources, the media, on Internet sites, in social networks, the submission of proposals, recommendations on improving the legal regulation of gender equality in the form of a draft normative legal act to interested government bodies. The experience of the leaders of the project team in participating in the development of draft legislative acts within the framework of special MLSPP groups allows us to confirm not only the realistic success of one of the results of the study, the development of the draft law, but will also contribute to the implementation of this legislative initiative.

Information for potential users.

Target consumers of the project results are interested government bodies, the scientific community, students, undergraduates, doctoral students, a wide range of people interested in gender equality issues.

The scientific effect of the project on a national scale is that it will lay the foundations of an integrated approach to the fundamental problems of legal regulation of guarantees of gender equality in Kazakhstan; scientific prerequisites and the basis for the further development of the sphere of application of gender parity standards in all areas of the legal regulation of public relations will be created.

Research team and project management.

Project Manager – Buribayev Yermek, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor. ID: 56682087400, ORCID -0003-2631-6372.

Chief Researcher – Khamzina Zhanna, Doctor of Law, Professor. ORCID iD ID: 56682131400.


The research results are reflected in the following publications:

Analytical material and results were formed, containing recommendations, proposals for improving the quality of legal regulation of equality, as well as systematization of the prospects for legislative activity in promoting guarantees of non-discrimination; recommendations for improving gender mainstreaming and gender mainstreaming in legislation in the form of 1 (one) article published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database of at least 25 (twenty five), in Wisdom, 44th percentile in Scopus:

Buribayev, Y., Khamzina, Z., Belkhozhayeva, D., Meirbekova, G., Kadirkulova, G., & Bogatyreva, L. (2020). Human dignity-the basis of human rights to social protection. Wisdom, 16(3), 143-155.

The project staff participated in an international scientific conference held in Grodno, Belarus, according to the results an article was published:

Бурибаев Е. А., Куттыгалиева А. Р., Хамзина Ж. А. Социальное обеспечение семей, воспитывающих детей с инвалидностью: практика Республики Казахстан // Состояние, проблемы и перспективы развития юридической науки и практики: белорусский и зарубежный опыт: сб. науч. ст./ рГУ им. Янки Купалы; редкол.: С. Е. Чебуранова (гл. ред.) [и др.]. – Гродно: ГрГУ, 2021. – 271 с., С. 66-73.

A draft normative legal act with a package of accompanying documents (explanatory note, concept) on improving the guarantees of the prohibition of discrimination in the field of employment and social security has been developed. The project received a Certificate of entry into the state register of rights to objects protected by copyright, issued by the RSE “National Institute of Intellectual Property” of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.