IRN AP19175900 «Extraction of liquid fuels from combustible minerals and reuse of waste from this process»

Actuality of the scientific project is to without waste process this type of raw material, which has more reserves than traditional oil in the territory of Kazakhstan, and use it for energy purposes.

The aim of the scientific project is to obtain liquid fuel by thermal treatment of difficult-to-process oil sand with high viscosity, at the same time, to use solid processing waste in the construction industry, also to create a scientific justification for them.

Tasks of the project

– According to the purpose of the scientific project, Study of the physical and chemical properties of oil sand, that type of combustible mineral used as raw material.

– Study of the morphological structure of oil sand with modern microscopic devices

– To consider the mechanism of interaction of the mineral and organic parts that consisting the oil sand.

– Obtaining liquid fuel by heat treatment of oil sand and determining the main technological parameters of this process, such as suitable treatment temperature and treatment time.

– Investigate the effect of vaporizing agents (gases) on thermal treatment and study the effect of evaporation of organic products of oil sands.

– Determining the amount of mechanical impurities and water in the liquid product obtained by heat treatment from oil sand, and considering the method of separating them from the oil composition.

– Study of the main physical and chemical characteristics of the liquid product obtained by heat treatment from oil sand, including density, ash content, fractional composition, elemental composition, and group composition.

– Determining the heating value of liquid products of oil sands, performing spectroscopic and chromatographic analyses, as well as conducting chromato-mass spectrometric research

– Analyzing the condition of thermal decomposition of liquid products obtained from oil sands by conducting thermogravimetric analyses

– Extraction of clay from mineral parts of oil sand and study of its characteristics.

– To study the solid residue formed during the thermal treatment of oil sand, to consider the possibility of using it as a waterproof sand for construction by studying its hydrophobic properties.

– Creating a scientific basis for the use of oil sand solid waste as a building material by adding it to road construction and asphalt concrete as an additive.

– Study of the composition of the gaseous mixture released during thermal treatment of oil sand.

– To study the general process mechanism of the process of obtaining liquid fuel by heat treatment of oil sand and to propose its chemistry.

The idea of ​​the project is to obtain liquid fuel by thermal treatment of oil sands and study of compliance of the obtained product with the characteristics of commercial oil, in same time to use the solid waste from the processing process as a building material. Oil sands of Atyrau, Mangistau and Aktobe regions are used as combustible minerals.

An important task to be solved by the proposed project is the preparation of deep processing and waste-free technology of combustible minerals, which have not yet been produced in our country, although there are a lot of reserves, and making its scientific foundation. Therefore, finding an efficient way to process it will be beneficial to the country’s economy.

The practical significance of the proposed project is to extract liquid fuel from the oil sands as a combustible mineral, to use it as commercial oil and to use the solid residue of processing as a building material.

Scientific project leader – Ye. Tileuberdi

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