IRN АР19679368 «Integrative approach in storytelling therapy as innovative technology for preserving psychological health of younger in context of digitalization of education».

The process of socialization at every stage of human development has included a variety of technologies and methods of introducing the younger generation to the values and meanings of the culture of previous generations. The national code, archetypes, the heritage of mankind in the form of information have always been regarded as sacred knowledge transmitted from generation to generation through myths, fairy tales, stories, legends and other forms of archetypes transmission. The young generation’s exposure to cultural codes, the system of spiritual, national and universal values in their unity was carried out through behavioural acts and the expansion of personal consciousness. An important aspect in solving the problems of personality is considered the preservation of his psychological health, integrity, definition of his identity, because his individuality, uniqueness, as well as his solidarity with the collective representation of the real world are manifested in the worldview position. A person’s psychological health is seen as an integrative integrity within the social system. Therefore, an urgent research problem for modern society in Kazakhstan is the definition of criteria, indicators of a person’s psychological health within the framework of A. Kunanbaev’s concept. Kunanbaev’s concept «Tolyk adam», as well as the development of new innovative technologies to maintain a person’s psychological health, which meets new social demands, reflecting the transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan from post-industrial information system to digital transformation. The uniqueness and novelty of the research is determined by the fact that for the first time an innovative integrative technology of storytelling therapy will be developed, which will reveal techniques influencing the preservation of the psychological health of the individual through fairy tales, epics, legends, stories, parables of the Kazakh people, Kazakh writers, and that the content of storytelling technology and diagnostic methods of psychological health of the individual will be implemented ideas of Abay Kunanbaev’s concept «Tolyk adam». Нe main idea of the project is to develop an innovative integrative fairy-tale therapy at the interface of psychological, philological, art history, socio-pedagogical research, which will cover all structural components of the holistic pedagogical process of educational organization (school and kindergarten).

The aim of the project is justification of the integrative approach in storytelling therapy as a technology for preserving the psychological health of the younger generation in the context of digitalisation of education.

         Expected results:

  1. The integrative approach in fairy tale therapy as an innovative technology for preserving the psychological health of the younger generation within the framework of philological, art history and psychological research will be disclosed, the essential characteristic of the concept «fairy tale therapy» will be disclosed, the historical basis for the development of the concept «fairy tale therapy» will be revealed, theories of psychological health of the individual will be studied.
  2. The innovative integrative fairy-tale therapy as a technology will be developed, the structural components of fairy-tale therapy technology: general philological, art history methods, techniques, means, psychological techniques of using cultural and value heritage of the Kazakh people in fairy-tale therapy will be developed. The program on the fairy tale therapy for preschool children and schoolchildren will be prepared, the methodical recommendations, the glossary on application of the program of the fairy tale therapy will be developed. Professional development courses and a training programme will be developed for word teachers, parents, form masters, art teachers, supplementary education teachers, psychologists and social pedagogues.
  3. Criteria, indicators of effectiveness of innovative integrative technology of fairy-tale therapy and criteria of indicators of psychological health of a personality on the basis of Abay’s concept «Tolyk adam» will be developed, methods of monitoring of effectiveness of innovative integrative technology of fairy-tale therapy will be selected. A monitoring study of the effectiveness of innovative integrative technology of storytelling therapy will be conducted. The results of the monitoring study will be analysed and statistical processing will be carried out.

Aigul Igenovna Akhmetova – Project Manager (PNS), PhD, Acting Associate Professor, Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy, Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Scopus Author ID: 57189995478 h-index =3. ORCID: Web of Science: ABC-4672-2021. Web of Science Core Collection Indicator H-Index = 1. E-mail:

Yerzhanova Feruza Meribekovna is the main implementer of the project (Lead Researcher), PhD, Acting Associate Professor, Department of «Russian Language and Literature» at Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay. ORCID Scopus Author ID: 57189686118. E-mail:

Abisheva Onal Tokkulovna is the main performer of the project (Lead Researcher), PhD Doctor of Art History, Associate Professor. ORCID: Scopus Author ID: 57205549964 E-mail: .

Ibraeva Zhanarka Bakibayevna – Principal Project Executor (Lead Researcher), Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor/Associate Professor at Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay. Hirsch index, h-index: 1. ORCID Scopus Author ID: 57192203211 E-mail:

Kaliakpar Danara Kylyshbekyzy is the main performer (VNS), doctoral student of Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi.  E-mail:   ORCID:

Amanova Arai Kokarayevna – Key Personnel (Senior Researcher), PhD of L.N. Gumilev ENU, Hirsch Index, h-index: 2.  Scopus Author ID: 57189328198. ResearcherID: P-3749-2014. Е-mail: .

Koralasbek Aktoty Kayratkyzy – main implementer of the project (researcher), 2nd year master student of Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University, speciality: 7M01405-«Vocational training».ORCID:  Е-mail:

Mukazhanova Rysty Abdrazakovna is the main project implementer, candidate of pedagogical sciences. Scientific interests – problems of spiritual and moral education, logotherapy, universal values, methods of education and upbringing. E-mail:

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In order to attract foreign scientists from world research institutes and universities (Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow) to the project, we have organised I.V. Vachkov’s online courses, which will take place on 23 October 2023. A 72-hour programme has been drawn up with the main goal of developing practical recommendations on the use of fairy tale therapy technology. Our task within the framework of the project is to train teachers of the departments of Abai KazNPU the main basic provisions of fairy tale therapy and to prepare students, future social pedagogues and psychologists to write theses on the problems of fairy tale therapy.

Igor Vachkov is a Russian scientist, Doctor of Psychological Sciences (2002), Professor (2005), Academician of the International Pedagogical Academy (2012). He is the author of more than 600 publications, more than 30 books, among which the most famous are: «Fundamentals of Group Training Technology. Psychotechniques», «Psychological training. Methodology and Methods of Conducting», «Fairy Tale Therapy», «Development of Self-Consciousness through Psychological Fairy Tales», «Psychology for Kids», «Adventures in the Inner World», «Introduction to Fairy Tale Therapy», «Tales of the Most Soulful Science». Specialist in the field of psychological trainings of different orientation, art therapy, fairy tale therapy, imagotherapy.

And also within the limits of cooperation and research of psychological health of the person the teaching staff of institute of Pedagogy and psychology of Kazakh national pedagogical university of a name of Abay will take part on courses of improvement of professional skill on clinical psychology A.I. Garber (University of modern sciences, the Netherlands) which will be spent in an offline mode on the basis of institute of Pedagogy and psychology of Kazakh national pedagogical university of a name of Abay since October 29, 2023.

Garber Alena Ilyinichna is a registered psychologist, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Modern Sciences, the Netherlands, psychotherapist at the Reinhardshöhe Rehabilitation Clinic, Hesse, Germany, systemic family psychotherapist (counsellor), social psychotherapist: working with addicts, psycho-oncologist. Reinhardshöhe Rehabilitation Clinic, Bad Wildungen, Hesse, Germany, September 2012-present. Second Chairman of the International Educational Centre Interkulturelle Weiterbildungsgesellschaft e.V., Düsseldorf – Leipzig, Germany, 2010-present Co-director of the Center for Advanced Studies and Scientific Information IWG e.V., Filiale Leipzig. Author of the programme «Manage Stress with Optimism!» in Russian” (Hesse, Germany).

As part of the project research, the main project implementers registered by e-mail of the supervisor-methodologist Larisa L. Pozdnyakova ( Telegram: Larisa +7 (921)824-37-88, VK: @LARISA_CKA3KA) for T.D. Zinkevich-Evstigneeva’s (Institute of Fairy Tale Therapy, St. Petersburg) online course «Upbringing with a Kind Fairy Tale».

This programme is implemented in the International Union of Fairy Tale Therapists on the basis of the Author’s Workshop of Tatyana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva and the seventh stream of training of fairy tale therapists will start on 1 October 2023. The programme is intended for parents (present and future), grandparents, as well as kindergarten teachers, school teachers, children’s educational and medical centres, social service workers, etc. Programme participants will listen to 12 webinars by Tatyana Zinkevich-Evstigneeva. The format of the programme allows each participant to master the material and work on creative homework assignments at their own pace and rhythm.

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