IRN AR08855685 Paradigms of language communication: literary speaking and Latin writing.

The relevance of the project: In modern linguistics for the preservation and development of the values of the spiritual core of human capital, knowledge of the world and human reality through language, the study of ethnos through the word, the study of the region and the country through linguistic units, the reproduction of vocabulary accumulated in the national language, their transmission from generation to generation. Such spiritual values have been preserved and are widely spread in linguistic communicative units, Kazakh oral and written art. The communicative paradigms that include these units in the project were studied within the framework of speaking and writing.

In the project, scientific paradigms were combined with practice based on communicative theory. Therefore, the paradigmatic nature of language communication as a separate linguistic class is distributed in theoretical, methodological and practical aspects.

The purpose of the project is scientific and practical differentiation, description of the connection between speaking and writing as the national code of the Kazakh verbal art based on communicative patterns; demonstration of ways of using, developing, functioning, preserving pronunciation in accordance with literary norms related to the process of language communication; scientific and theoretical systematization of spelling norms related to spelling; generalization of provisions related to to Latin graphics, analysis, conducting an experiment.

Expected results Achieved results
To determine the role of writing based on Latin graphics in the system of continuing education. The role of writing based on Latin graphics in the system of continuing education is determined. Academic writing was considered in connection with the teachings of cognitive linguistics, linguistics, hermeneutics, psycholinguistics, sociology. Taking into account the structure of education levels in the Republic, the research group of the project points to the effectiveness of Latinographic writing and ways to implement the transition from Cyrillic to Latin. Continuing education has always been the main indicator of the country’s growth and the level of education in general. The effective advantages of Latinographic writing at all levels of the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the aspect of continuing education were identified.
To develop a methodological system of the process of speaking and writing based on the theory of language communication. A methodological system of the speaking and writing process based on the theory of language communication has been developed. The main criteria of academic writing providing oral and written communication are defined: 1. Collaboration; 2. Selectivity; 3. Standard; 4. Strategic; 5. Creativity. Where collaboration is carried out at the level of cooperation of participants in the communication process; Selectivity implies the choice of language units in the process of speaking and writing; Standardization is the generally accepted norm of speaking and writing; Strategicity determines the cognitive and psychological features of writing and speaking; Creativity is an individual and creative feature of the communicant.

Effective methods of studying speaking and writing were identified and the results were announced at the Civil Aviation Academy (Almaty) webinar on 05/24/2022 on the topic “Academic writing as an urgent problem of today”. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, corresponding member. NAS RK Orazbayeva F. Sh .


Composition of the research group:

  1. Orazbayeva F. Sh.
  2. Kokanova Zh.A.
  3. Imankulova M. A.
  4. Mazibayeva Zh.O.
  5. Nurgaziev T. E.

List of published articles:

  1. Sh. Orazbayeva. Actual problems of academic writing// Bulletin of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University series of pedagogy and psychology. No 1(50), 2022. 122-129 pp.
  2. Orazbayeva F. Sh., Imankulova M. A., Nurgaziev T. E. The role of writing based on the Latin alphabet in the context of continuing education//LVIII International Scientific and Practical Conference on “Fundamental and applied scientific research: current issues, achievements and innovations” June 15, 2022 Conference number: МК-1431. 136-141 p.

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