IRN AP13268830 “Academic fraud of subjects of postgraduate education (on the example of national universities)”.

Relevance of the project: Modernization of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan in recent years requires a person’s readiness for effective and productive work in various types of activities. Free access to information resources, self-study and research activities become a priority. Implementation of the most important documents of a strategic nature, such as the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science”, the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”, “Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025”, the National Plan “100 concrete steps to carry out Five institutional reforms”, the Third modernization of Kazakhstan and Modernization of public consciousness, the tasks of entering the CIS the law of 30 developed countries of the world, accelerated and high-quality economic growth, innovative and knowledge-intensive development requires the mobilization of the country’s research potential, implementation of international-level research and their wide practical implementation.

The increasing role of science in social progress, its penetration into all spheres of people’s lives, the dependence of the quality of training of a future specialist on the research orientation of the educational process have made the problem of research training relevant.

However, in fact, according to the data of the National Report on Science 2020 on the example of the direction of training “Education”, the number of doctoral students is 682, 101 of them were released in the reporting year, only 16 doctoral students were released with a dissertation defense, thus the share of graduates with a dissertation defense is only 15.8%. The share of graduates with a thesis defense in all areas of training is only 27.5%. Why is the graduation rate so low? Of course, one of the main reasons is the low level of research productivity. The reason for the low level of research productivity is academic fraud.

Project objective: Theoretical substantiation of the phenomenon of academic fraud, determination of its prevalence in subjects of postgraduate education and development of recommendations on mechanisms to overcome it to increase research productivity.

Expected results:

1) at least 1 (one) monograph with a postdoctoral contribution of at least 6 p.l., reviewed and recommended for publication by at least two holders of the academic title of professor and/or the academic degree of doctor of sciences;

2) at least 5 (five) articles and (or) reviews in peer-reviewed foreign and (or) domestic publications recommended by COXON;

3) obtaining an author’s certificate for recommendations on mechanisms for overcoming academic fraud from subjects of postgraduate education at a National or foreign intellectual property institute;

4) dissemination of the results of the work among potential users, the community of scientists and the general public – a report (poster) and full-time (correspondence, in case of a pandemic) participation in an international scientific and practical conference.

Composition of the research group:

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1 Syzdykbaeva Aigul Dzhumanazarovna, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Associate Professor Abai KazNPU, post-doctoral program scholarship holder h-index: 3

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STS, postdoctoral fellow. Carries out scientific management of the research, is the direct executor of the project. Is personally responsible for the expected results. Summarizes the results, conducts research expertise of completed studies and intermediate research results. He is the corresponding author of all publications and reports.
2 Abdigapbarova Ulzharkyn Muslimovna Abai KazNPU, PhD, Professor h-index:2

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ID Web of Science: AAY-9360-2021

Scientific consultant Provides consulting assistance in the implementation of the project.

List of publications for 2022 on the project:

The article “Academic fraud of subjects of postgraduate education: the essence, the current state” was published // BULLETIN OF NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN
ISSN 1991-3494
Volume 3, Number 397 (2022), 161-178.